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Health(care) in Turkey
First, you may wish to relax. Turkish healthcare has shown great improvement over the past twenty years. So much so that life expectancy at birth and at age 60 are on average higher than in the US, as per the Lancet. https://www.thelancet.com/action/showPdf… Since we still continue to smoke like crazy (even if not quite as much as in the past) and our diets have become more unhealthy, this is largely a result of better healthcare.

Second, you may wish to panic. The greatest increase in the number of hospitals has been from the private sector, and if you go for emergency treatment there, you could end up paying ridiculous sums. Which is why you MUST have travel health insurance. European Health Insurance Cards (EHICs) are not valid in Turkey. However, no need to panic too much; the average standard in the state hospitals' ERs is not bad, though it is variable. (So is that in the private hosptals, for that matter).

Third, if you like the country so much you're thinking of settling here, you can relax again. Anyone resident in Turkey for more than a year is covered by the country's universal healthcare system. sgk.gov.tr/wps/…universal_health_ins .


The most sensible advice can be found here: https:/…turkey . In short, tetanus (which I'd advise wherever you may live or travel) plus Hep A&B. Flu optional in season. Rabies if you're slightly and typhoid if you're truly paranoid. Anything else unnecessary, provided you've had your usual regimen of shots as a child.

If you have travelled to part of the world where there are diseases not normally present in Turkey (for example - but not limited to - malaria, west nile virus, haemorrhagic diseases, etc) please remember to inform your doctor of this if you should fall ill while in Turkey, so that proper precautions may be taken and a diagnosis arrived at more speedily.

You can generally bring anything in, but prescription medicines only if you have a prescription and a doctor's letter. Painkillers and psychotropics are a sticking point, and while no-one on this forum has reported a bad experience, note that Turkish regulations regarding some may well be stricter than those of your own country. For example, some which can be bought OTC or BTC in relatively high doses in some countries - eg codeine - require a prescription at those dosage levels in Turkey. In any, do not bring large quantities of painkillers or psychotropics; limit yourself to what is written in your doctor's letter (and maybe a few more).OTC and BTC medicine can be bought at chemists' - "eczane" in Turkey, and marked with a red E or (more rarely) a green cross. Most other medicines require a local prescription, though there is some leeway for tourists with prescriptions from home.


The larger hotels will have in-house doctors and/or nurses. Apply to them first.

In the event of anything more serious, ask your hotel for directions to the nearest hospital, preferably state. Finally, if something happens while you're on the go, refer here and we'll try to help (eg https:/…97160891 ).

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Turkey Cultural Tour
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Turkey Cultural Tour
Zincirlidere Cd.Sisli-Istanbul/Turkey
• Tel: +90 532 3163653 • Tel: +90 212 2893252 • Fax: +90 212 2893252
• tours@turkeyculturaltour.com, • http://www.turkeyculturaltour.com